Independence Day memories for my 70-year-old grandmother from Gurdaspur- Samaa Digital

  My grandmother Nasim and grandfather Akbar. We lived in Taragarh, Gurdaspur Punjab. It was a village of love where Hindus, Muslims and Christians lived together in harmony. We were five siblings,... Read more »

Raksha Bandhan in Karachi- Samaa Digital

Women celebrate the Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan at Laxmi Narayan Temple in Karachi.  PHOTOS: ONLINE/Sabir Mazhar Raksha Bandhan was celebrated in Karachi and across Sindh where a large population of Hindus live.... Read more »

Watch: Pakistani fishermen race for Independence Day

100 boats took part from Baba & Bhit islands Read more »

Milli naghmas: Which MNA sang it better for Aug 14?

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Pakistan’s history and Iqbal Park in Lahore

Where the All-India Muslim League held a jalsa Read more »

Atif Aslam, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Feroze Khan perform Hajj- Samaa Digital

  Photo: Instagram Pakistani celebrities Atif Aslam, Hamza Ali Abbasi, and Feroz Khan are one of those lucky people who have been blessed to perform Hajj this year. On Sunday, Khaani actor Feroze... Read more »

Khairpur’s folk festival seeks to embody culture beyond art- Samaa Digital

  Nothing unites people more than the understanding that we are divided. We’re a country in need of platforms where people can enjoy the pleasure of shared congregation and celebrate our differences.... Read more »

The roof and tough life of some cows in Karachi- Samaa Digital

  Photo: AFP Syed Ejaz Hassan’s annual ritual in Pakistan’s megacity of Karachi has kicked off, which will see his cows transported from a roof to plates over the coming days ahead of next week’s Eid al-Adha holiday. Muslims slaughter an... Read more »

The art of pigeon-keeping in Kashmir- Samaa Digital

  Photo: Ubaid Ullah Wani At the top on their two-storey house, Zahoor Ahmad and Adil Ahmad scour the sky while their pigeons are in flight. As the sun begins to sink,... Read more »

This Peshawar rabab music shop doesn’t like making a noise- Samaa Digital

  It is shaped like the morr or peacock with its slender neck, pegs and belly. But the rabab sounds nothing like the bird. Depending on the player, it can sound like... Read more »