More child arsenic cases found in former French mining town

TOULOUSE: French authorities said Wednesday that 10 more children living near what used to be the world’s biggest arsenic mine have tested above-recommended levels for the toxic element, stoking parents’ fears that... Read more »

Britain tells Canada and France to pull their weight on Ebola

GENEVA: Britain’s international development minister Rory Stewart called on France and Canada on Monday to offer more help in tackling the Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo. Stewart, who visited the... Read more »

Parents try to remove doctor in French right-to-die case

The parents of a Frenchman kept alive in a vegetative state for a decade will on Monday try to have the doctor caring for their son removed before he halts life-sustaining treatment... Read more »

Doctor plans to withdraw life support in French right-to-die case

The doctor of a Frenchman whose family has kept him alive in a vegetative state for a decade has informed them that he plans to take the patient off life support this... Read more »

Scientists establish link between ready-to-eat foods and higher risk of death

A major French study published Monday has found for the first time a link between the consumption of ultra-processed foods and a higher risk of death, but researchers warned more work was... Read more »

French court authorises doctors to pull life support on brain-dead patient

A French court on Thursday upheld a decision by doctors to withdraw life support for a man kept alive in a vegetative state for a decade, after the latest legal challenge by... Read more »

France investigates spike in babies born with arm defects

PARIS: France’s health minister has announced a new investigation into the births of several babies with upper limb defects in various parts of the country in recent years, saying it was “unacceptable”... Read more »