Doctors extract 526 teeth from boy’s mouth

CHENNAI: Indian doctors removed a tumor with a record number of 526 teeth inside a seven-year-old boy’s mouth, the medical team in Chennai said on Friday. The 200 gram (7 ounce) growth... Read more »

Lychee-linked brain fever kills 103 children

BIHAR: Angry protests erupted in one of India’s poorest states Tuesday over the deaths of more than 100 children from a mysterious brain fever potentially linked to lychees. So far this month... Read more »

Lychee fruit killing people in India, 31 children dead

PATNA: At least 31 children have died in northern India in the last 10 days from a deadly brain disease believed linked to a toxic substance found in lychee fruit, health officials... Read more »

Air pollution kills 100,000 Indian kids every year, study finds

NEW DELHI: The noxious air hanging over India’s towns and cities kills more than 100,000 children under five every year, a damning study published Wednesday (Jun 5) for World Environment Day found.... Read more »

India’s health ministry calls for blocking Juul’s entry

NEW DELHI: India’s health ministry has called for Juul Labs Inc’s electronic cigarettes to be blocked from entering the country, a letter seen by Reuters showed, potentially dealing a blow to the... Read more »

98 die of toxic alcohol in India’s Assam state; 200 hospitalised

Ninety-eight workers have died and at least 200 others have been hospitalised in northeastern India after drinking toxic liquor, officials said Saturday, in the latest case of alcohol poisoning in the country.... Read more »

25 tea-pickers in India die after consuming poisonous alcohol

Twenty-five members of a tribe of Indian tea-pickers, including 15 women, died within hours of drinking poisoned alcohol, police said Friday. The deaths in the northeastern state of Assam came less than... Read more »

Swine flu outbreak kills 76 in India’s Rajasthan

NEW DELHI: A swine flu outbreak in Rajasthan, one of India’s biggest tourist hubs, has killed 76 people this year, government officials said on Wednesday. Colder weather has worsened the seasonal outbreak... Read more »

Swine flu kills 40 in western India

JAIPUR: At least 40 people have died and more than 1,000 have tested positive for swine flu since the beginning of this year in a western Indian state popular with foreigners, authorities... Read more »

Why India isn’t fixing its toxic smog problem

NEW DELHI: As pollution levels surged to “severe” and “hazardous” levels in New Delhi this week, there was little sign that residents of India’s teeming capital were doing much to protect themselves.... Read more »