Four European states lose measles eradication status

Measles cases are skyrocketing in Europe and the disease is surging in four countries previously considered to have eliminated it, including the UK, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned Thursday, urging countries... Read more »

US records 21 new measles cases as of last week

The United States recorded 21 new measles cases last week, raising the total number of cases for the year to 1,203 across 30 states in the worst outbreak of the virus since... Read more »

Measles surveillance lags in US workplaces

Monitoring for measles in U.S. workplaces needs improvement, especially in the healthcare sector, an occupational safety expert argues. Measles cases have reached a 27-year high in the U.S. To help prevent transmission,... Read more »

Fight vaccine hesitancy as ‘contagious disease’, UN meeting told

Faced with a global resurgence of measles, health experts called Tuesday for countries to step up the fight against vaccine resistance, warning the movement was spreading like a contagious disease. World Health... Read more »

Cruise ship quarantined over measles case

The Caribbean nation of St. Lucia has imposed a quarantine on a visiting cruise ship, barring any passengers or crew from leaving the boat while in port, after a case of measles... Read more »

What you need to know about the US measles outbreak

The United States so far this year has recorded 695 cases of measles in 22 states, its largest outbreak since public health officials in 2000 declared the disease eradicated, according to the... Read more »

Trump urges Americans to get measles vaccine

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump on Friday urged Americans to protect themselves with the measles vaccination as the number of cases of the once-eradicated disease hit the highest levels in the United... Read more »

Hundreds vaccinated after measles emergency

NEW YORK: A New York county which declared a state of emergency over a measles outbreak is on the “right path” after administering hundreds of vaccinations in two days, the chief of... Read more »

New York county bans unvaccinated children in public spaces

A New York suburb has banned children not vaccinated against measles from public spaces, such as schools and shopping malls, as it fights the state’s worst outbreak in decades of the potentially... Read more »

Measles outbreak in New Zealand’s Canterbury widens to 20

MELBOURNE: Thousands of vaccines are being delivered to health centers in New Zealand’s Canterbury district as a measles outbreak has widened to 20 confirmed cases with health officials warning the number is... Read more »