# Santostasi’s Power Law Predicts $10 Million Per Bitcoin by 2045

Santostasi’s Power Law Predicts $10 Million Per Bitcoin by 2045

Former physics professor Giovanni Santostasi has unveiled his groundbreaking “power law” model for predicting the future value of Bitcoin (BTC), projecting a staggering $10 million per BTC by the year 2045.

The Power Law Model Explained

A power law is a mathematical relationship where one value is directly proportional to a fixed power of another value. This phenomenon has been observed in various natural occurrences, from earthquake frequencies to stock market dynamics.

Santostasi originally introduced the power law model on the r/Bitcoin subreddit back in 2018. However, it gained renewed attention in January of this year when finance YouTuber Andrei Jeikh discussed it in a video to his 2.3 million subscribers.

The Reader's Guide

Predictions and Insights

According to Santostasi's model, Bitcoin could potentially reach a peak of $210,000 in January 2026 before dropping to as low as $60,000 afterward. In a recent conversation with mathematician and Bitcoin investor Fred Krueger, Santostasi emphasized that the power law model offers a clearer and more predictable understanding of Bitcoin price movements over extended periods.

Contrasting Views

While many mainstream media outlets rely on short-term Bitcoin price charts that present a chaotic view of price fluctuations, Santostasi argues that the power law model offers a more structured and coherent pattern. He highlights that unlike the exponential stock-to-flow model, the power law model is logarithmic, allowing for significant price variations over time.

Future Projections

Krueger further delved into the mathematical implications of the power law model applied to Bitcoin, suggesting that Bitcoin could hit $100,000 in the next two years. He also projected that if Bitcoin follows the power law model, its market cap would surpass that of gold by 2033, with each Bitcoin valued at $1 million.

Critics and Skepticism

Despite the confidence Santostasi and Krueger have in the power law model, critics argue that any mathematical model is subject to significant errors and may not factor in unforeseen events that could impact Bitcoin's price. While the validity of the power law model remains a topic of debate, its potential to reshape the future of Bitcoin valuation is undeniable.

In a volatile market like cryptocurrency, only time will tell if Santostasi's power law model will stand the test of time and lead Bitcoin to unprecedented heights. As investors and enthusiasts alike closely monitor Bitcoin's price movements, the allure of a $10 million per BTC future is both tantalizing and speculative.

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