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After food delivery platform Zomato, McDonald’s is now facing major backlash from Indian Twitterati for serving Halal meat to its customers.

It all started with a Twitter user asking McDonald’s India whether its restaurants are Halal certified.

“The meat that we use across our restaurants is of the highest quality and is sourced from government-approved suppliers who are HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified,” it replied. It added that all its restaurants are Halal-certified.

‘Halal’ is the Islamic way of slaughtering animals. It can only be carried out by Muslims. ‘Jhatka’, on the other hand, is meat from an animal killed instantaneously with an electric shock. Many Twitter users said Jhatka meat is in line with Hindu and Sikh beliefs.

The tweet ruffled a lot of feathers online with #boycottmcdonalds trending on Twitter in India.

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Many questioned why McDonald’s serves Halal meat in India where 80% of the population are non-Muslims. A debate also ensued regarding Halal and Jhatka meat being served in Indian restaurants.

But several netizens also came out in support of the food chain.

In a similar incident, Zomato faced flak after it said that food doesn’t have any religion while responding to a customer who declined to accept an order delivered by a Muslim delivery person.

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