Rape case registered against Bollywood actor Alok Nath

Police in India have registered a case against Bollywood actor Alok Nath after producer Vinta Nanda accused him of raping her, reported BBC.

This is one of the few police cases to be registered against someone named in India’s #MeToo movement. In October, Nanda accused the popular actor of sexual harassment and rape in a detailed Facebook post.

Nath has denied the charge and also filed a defamation case against her. He has demanded an apology and symbolic compensation of INR 1 from her. The actor has also been accused of sexual harassment by two other actresses.

Nanda worked with Nath on a 1990s hit TV series called Tara, which she wrote. In her Facebook post, she alleged that he had also sexually harassed the lead actress on the show.

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Ever since the allegations surfaced, Nath strongly denied the claims made in her post, which contains harrowing details about the alleged abuse.

Nanda said she had waited for 19 years to speak out and asked others “who have suffered at the hands of predators to come out and say it aloud”. While she did not name anyone initially, many on social media deduced that it was Nath after her post went viral. She later confirmed that she had indeed been referring to him.

After the allegations, Nath told journalists that he did not “agree” with the claims. “It [rape] must have happened, but someone else would have done it,” he said.



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