Quetta’s Hanna Lake fills up after spell of rain and snowfall

QUETTA: Continuous spell of rain and snowfall led to Hanna Lake in the city getting refilled on Sunday after remained dried up earlier.Two days’ worth of rain and snow refilled Quetta’s Hanna Lake located at an approximate distance of 18 kilometers from the suburbs, reviving the lake’s lost bustle from tourists. The lake had been dried up since last year in August owing to a year of draught and despite the rainfall last month, it could only moisten the surface, leaving the lake vacant and deprived of water.However, the continuous cycle of rainfall and snow has led to the lake getting refilled once again bringing back with the rush and the flock of tourists reviving the once-famous tourist spot of the city.As per local sources, the water flow from the mountains in the outskirts will continue for the next few days as well which will elevate the surface even more that could reinstate sports like canoeing and rowing.Furthermore, environmental specialists have also predicted the return of aquatic birds as well with the fill-up of the lake.

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