Tropical Cyclone Vayu: Karachi heatwave alert; temperature expected to hit 42°C

KARACHI: The Pakistan Meteroliogical Department on Thursday issued fresh heatwave alert amid suspension of sea breeze due to Tropical Cyclone Vayu.In the latest media advisory, the Met. Office stated that due to continue suspension of sea breeze the heat wave condition will prevail 13-15 June 2019 with temperature likely to range in 40-42 o C in the city.

“Tropical cyclone Vayu has intensified into a very severe cyclonic storm some 650 kilometres away in the south-east of Karachi on Wednesday and it is likely to remain 500 kilometres away from Karachi on Thursday morning. It would move along the Indian coastal areas of Gujarat and is likely to dissipate in the Arabian Sea after causing devastation along the Indian coast,” said Sardar Sarfraz of the Met Office Karachi while talking to The News on Wednesday night.“Some areas of Karachi may have light rain or drizzle Thursday along with a dust storm but we are expecting a very hot and humid weather in the days ahead, at least up to Sunday,” Sarfraz said and added that due to the changing course of tropical cyclone Vayu, chances of rain in the coastal belt of Pakistan, including Thatta, Badin and Tharparkar, were also diminishing.

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