Adnan Sami gets trolled for congratulating Modi after Indian elections

As a number of Indian celebrities congratulated Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who comprehensively won the recently concluded general elections in the country, former Pakistani singer Adnan Sami too tweeted in support of the politician rights activists see as a hardliner.

Sami, however, was trolled badly Pakistani Twitterati, who already call him a Pakistani agent in India.

Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), won a total of 303 seats in the world’s largest democratic exercise, out of 545, recording a clear majority.

The singer too congratulated Modi and another senior BJP leader Amit Shah  through Twitter.

Pakistani Twitter users were quick to remind him that he is “a Pakistani agent in India” and must “please Indians so they don’t doubt his intentions”, the joke that is ruling Twitter since India falsely claimed of conducting an air strike in Pakistani territory back in February.



Pakistanis troll Adnan Sami in an entirely unique fashion after anti-Pakistan tweet

Now an Indian, Adnan Sami, whose father was a decorated Pakistan Air Force (PAF) soldier, is being endlessly trolled for six month now.

It is pertinent to note here that in March, one group of  youngsters from Karachi took it to next level and arranged a protest for his “safe return” from India.



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