Hardliners criticise Huma Qureshi for speaking against Indian atrocities in Kashmir

Actress Huma Qureshi and brother Saqib Saleem faced a lot of criticism for being vocal against atrocities carried out by the Indian army in Kashmir.

The actress took to Twitter to express concern over the condition of Kashmir after the scrapping of Article 370 of the Indian constitution. Her brother, Saqib Saleem instantly voiced his opinion about the Kashmir issue as well.

Leila actress was threatened as soon as she tweeted in support of Kashmiris, so much so that angered Indians asked her and her brother Saqib to go to Pakistan.

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Qureshi tried to ask people not to make unnecessary comments and false judgments about Kashmir because most people do not even know what is happening there and try to understand the situation they are facing. She writes, “Every1 with opinions on #Kashmir. I humbly say this-you have no idea of the life, bloodshed & loss of Kashmiris (Pandits&Muslims). Pls, refrain from irresponsible commentary. There are people – women, children, old & sick people. Put urself in their shoes at this very moment & be sensitive.”

One person also blamed her for being someone who plays a part to break a nation.

huma qureshi

In the midst of all hateful tweets and warmongering, her brother Saqib also took to Twitter to respond to the critics, “I am a proud Indian who loves his country. But if I feel like somethings amiss I will ask questions. If you got a problem with that then I am afraid its your problem to take care of. Some of you are hell bent on sending me to Pakistan. Pls don’t worry abt me I am fine where I am.”

Responding to a Twitter user who asked about the real condition of Kashmir, he writes, “Everything is ok – just a communication blackout, curfew lockdown, certain political figures are under house arrest with an uncertain future for the people – nothing major.”

The duo hails from Indian occupied Kashmir and has failed to stay in touch with their family members in the valley. Other Bollywood stars such as Dia Mirza, Zaira Wasim, and Sanjay Suri have also broken their silence on Indian atrocities in Kashmir.

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