Here’s why Jeremy McLellan is a legit desi!

Celebrated for his exceptional love for Pakistan and its people, American stand-up comedian Jeremy McLellan is currently in Pakistan and the photos he is uploading clearly show he is a true Pakistani at heart.

He took to Twitter to announce that he will be visiting Pakistan and soon his Tweet had an outpour of love and prayers.

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Before leaving, he posted a photo of his daughter Jewell with a pigeon captioning it as, “Huge thank you to Pakistan for sending one of their top agents to guard Jewell while I’m gone. 🇵🇰🐦”

Moreover, since he was about to visit Pakistan, he learned how to make rotis through a roti-maker saying, “‪On my way to Pakistan but before I left I learned how to make rotis the authentic traditional way.‬”

And finally, after the plane touches down, he uploads this video and writes, “Good to be home.”

Jeremy’s meme game is so strong that he manages to make everybody laugh effortlessly with his super easy and fathomable memes.

Pakistan is also famous for its authentic scrumptious food. Whilst visiting Abbottabad, he eats Lamb Karahi with naan.

He goes to Mansehra to visit a rehab and plays Carrom with the kids present there. He surely is having a fine time with these pupils.

He is such a desi that he posts photos of his daughter and writes, “Meanwhile in the US, Jewell enjoys Disney World with her ammi, nana, and nani.”

You cannot just stay in Pakistan in the summers without having mangoes. The American comedian gulps a few pieces from a plate full of mangoes.

He shares a set of photos with the kids of the rehab he had visited. He poses with the kids amid an abundance of smiles.

He goes to Murree and makes a friend you might hesitate to meet.

He also pays a visit to the shrine of Bari Imam and posts a set of photos standing amid the people present there.

He posts this photo of himself standing in front of a shopping mall’s security check in Islamabad and writes, “Should have brought my family.”

He also visits a church in Murree and addresses the bishop by “Your Highness.”

The comedian enjoys rain standing on the rooftop of a house in Mandi Bahauddin.

He visits another church in Rawalpindi and posts a few photos standing with the visitors and people who work there.

A few hours back, he uploads this selfie with a small lizard in the background that is not letting him put on the seat-belt.

We wish him well for his stay in Pakistan hoping for other astounding photos and videos from the trip. More power to you Jeremy.

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