Irish singer recites adhan after converting to Islam

After converting to Islam and changing her name to Shuhada, the Irish singer, formerly Sinead O’Connor, has also recited Adhan.

The 51-year-old has posted a video of herself reciting the Adhan or Azan (the Muslim call to prayer) saying: “Here is my 1st attempt at singing the Azan. I got some pronouncition wrong (sic) because emotions took me from my page… but there’ll be hundreds of others onstage to come…”

She has called Pakistani legendary qawwal late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and British singer Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) as inspirational figures for her.

This must have been a tough decision amid growing Islamophobia specially in Europe, however, Shuhada Davitt has not only announced her conversion to Islam and renouncement of Catholicism but has also been posting her selfies wearing hijabs.

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“This is to announce that I am proud to have become a Muslim. This is the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian’s journey,” she tweeted.

“All scripture study leads to Islam. Which makes all other scriptures redundant. I will be given (another) new name. It will be Shuhada,” she said in a post.

She is not the first singer to convert to Islam. Earlier, Cat Stevens converted in 1970s and rappers Ice Cube, MC Ren, Raekwon, and Q-Tip, and singer Joe Tex have all reportedly converted to Islam. King of Pop Music Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson became Muslim while Michael Jackson was still alive and he even presented Islam to the famous pop singer.



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