Is Daenerys Targaryen a dragon herself?

Game of Thrones is nearing its end with final episode set to be aired on May 19. In the backdrop of the end of one of world’s most popular TV shows, fan theories are piling up like anything.

After speculating if the largest dragon of Daenerys ‘Dany’ Targaryen, Drogon, will bring his babies to the battlefield in the upcoming fifth episode of season eight this Sunday, someone has come up with a shocking but fantastic new theory about Daenerys Targaryen’s true self.

The viewers have already noted a larger dragon next to three dragons in the new opening sequence that has been visualised for the final season. The post, written by Ryan Caldwell on Medium, suggests that the larger dragon might be Daenerys herself.

We have already seen that she is at a disadvantage when it comes to the war for the Iron Throne. She has already lost two of her dragons and her army is nowhere close to the number of men that fight for Cersei Lannister.

Her closest confidante, Missandei has been killed by Cersei, and there’s a thin chance for Drogon’s survival.

Therefore, the theory suggest, the times require Daenerys to have something bigger than what she already has if she were to defeat Cersei.

Perhaps she has that thing within her, and she may very well be the dragon herself which can put her back in the race again for Iron Throne.

Caldwell says the first clue that she’s the dragon was in the first season when she gives birth to a lizard-like child. In the words of sorceress that tried to save Khal Drogo: “Monstrous. Twisted. I pulled him out myself. He was scaled like a lizard. Blind, with leather wings, like the wings of a bat. When I touched him, his skin fell from his bones. Inside, he was full of graveworms.”

Could it be a result of the union between a man and a dragon?

Also, her ancestors wanted to become dragons every now and then. There was Aerion Targaryen, who thought drinking wildfire would turn him into a dragon. Viserys Targaryen, Daenerys’ brother, thought he was dragon too. But when molten gold was poured on his head by Khal Drogo, he died, to which Daenerys had said: “He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon.”

In the last episode of the first season, she sits on the funeral pyre of her late husband, Khal Drogo, but emerges unharmed and with three dragons. This also was a clear hint that she was no ordinary human but was a dragon, which her ancestors always wanted to be.

Could it be that she reveals her true self once there’s no other option left for her? We will find out either in this episode or the season’s final episode.



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