Shaniera Akram urges Karachiites to say no to plastic bags

Activist Shaniera Akram shared an eye opening video of Karachi’s beach urging the residents to play their part in cutting down use of plastic.

Taking to Instagram, wife of former cricketer Wasim Akram posted a video which shows her walking on Seaview which is polluted by plastic bags.”There is no bigger heartbreak than the love one has for our city and our beach. Karachi and all who live here on our land and in our waters, are literally choking to death,” she wrote.

She said that the metropolis needs us more than ever right now. “This has been so hard for me to post but if we really want to clean up our city then now is the time because Karachi really needs our help. YES we need better garbage disposal, YES we need to enforce recycling systems but we also need to start playing our role.”

Akram also shared some hard hitting facts about how long it takes different types of waste to decompose. “Did you know a plastic bag takes between 1-10 000 years or more to decompose? We don’t need more bandaids of beach clean ups we need to get to the root of the problem! This is our home and we need to look after it,” she said.

Pakistan’s largest city generates more than 13,500 tons of municipal waste daily. The 33-year-old Australian born encouraged Karachiites to play their part in the ‘ban on plastic bags’ campaign.

“Karachi is imposing a ban on plastic bags from Oct 1st but it’s up to us to enforce it. Stop the use of plastic bags and polystyrene containers in your home and office NOW. Everyone must play a part so that we can all have a better future,” she said.

She continued “If just half of us stop the use of non recyclable plastics that will make an incredible difference already . Make the change so that our city has a chance. Ask for paper and say no to plastic.”

Sindh government announced plans to make the province plastic bag-free by October 2019.



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