Imran Khan calls for Pak-India friendship

Prime Minister Imran Khan seeks cordial relations between Pakistan and India which recently entered into a tense phase, SAMAA TV reported Sunday.

“I wish the Indian leadership would quit its arrogance,” Imran Khan said. He was addressing top government officials after presiding over the federal cabinet’s meeting in Lahore.

Cordial relations between Pakistan and India will help eliminate poverty. Friendship is in the favour of both countries, he said.

His statement came a day after the Pakistan Army spokesman responded to the Indian army chief’s statements, saying that ‘we are ready for war’.

Indian military chief General Bipin Rawat had said that India “needs to take stern action to avenge the barbarism that terrorists and Pakistan Army have been carrying out”.

“Yes, it’s time to give it back to them in the same coin, not resorting to similar kind of barbarism. But I think the other side must also feel the same pain,” the Indian army chief was quoted as saying.

His comments came soon after Imran Khan took to Twitter and responded to India’s cancellation of the meeting between the Pakistani and Indian foreign ministers on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

Imran Khan called New Delhi’s reaction “arrogant and negative”.

The statements have raised tension between Pakistan and India.

Disciplines for bureaucracy

The PM, while addressing the government officials, vowed to fix country’s police and bureaucracy by ridding them of political interference.

He promised that the PTI government would not interfere in administrative and professional affairs of police.

“This is a unique government in Pakistan’s history. It will enable you to do your job,” he said. “There will be no pressure on you.”

Khan presented as examples for ‘good governance’.

“We can follow the pattern of governance by adopting the models of Shaukat Khanam Hospital and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police.”

“IG KP introduced merit and depoliticised the police department. Even the public protested in favour of police. That was an ideal situation we witnessed in KP. It helped us defeat crime and terrorism,” he said.

He vowed to take action against those government officials who have their own political designs.

“Sever the masses, open your door for poor and protect the weak from stronger,” he said. “New Pakistan is the name of new mindset.”



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