International Polar Bear Day’18 being celebrated today

International Polar Bear Day 2018 is being celebrated around the world today (27th February, Tuesday). The day is intended to bring information and raise awareness about the conservation of polar bears – a species declared as endangered by the World Wildlife Federation (WWF).The ground reality, however, indicates how polar bears continue to suffer, starve and die eventually due to the ever-increasing global warming.A heart-wrenching video made by a photographer working for National Geographic started making rounds on the internet sometime back as it showcased a starving polar bear searching for food just hours before it died.The video had a lot of impact as it went viral instantly. Many stated that desperate measures needed to be taken for the conservation of polar bears who continue to starve in iceless lands due to a drastic increase in earth’s temperature.On International Polar Bear Day, the Polar Bears International organization has stressed over the need to reduce carbon emissions so that global warming can be controlled to some extent.

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