Islamic new year likely to be on Tuesday

The Ruet-e-Hilal Committee is expected to meet today (Monday) to sight the Muharram moon, marking the new Islamic year.

According to the Meteorological department, chances of seeing the moon on Monday are very high. However, the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee, headed by Mufti Muneebur Rehman, will make the final decision.

A meeting is expected to be held at the Meteorological department. The zonal committee meetings in Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar have already been held, at which Meteorological department officials were also present.

If the moon is sighted on Monday, Ashura will be on September 20.

Strict security measures will be taken during Muharram and law enforcers have their security plans ready.

Pillion riding has been banned in Islamabad for two months as a security measure for Muharram. In other cities, it will be banned from Muharram 8 to 10.



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