K-Electric is responsible for the treatment of the boys whose hands were amputated: Imran Ismail

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail has said that K-Electric is responsible for the treatment and welfare of the two young boys whose hands were amputated after high tension wires fell on them.

He visited the burns ward at Civil Hospital, Karachi on Monday morning where the two boys are admitted.

Both boys lost their hands after K-Electric’s high-tension wires fell on them in different parts of the city.

Ismail said strict action will be taken against the electricity provider.

He said that he spoke to one of the boys and asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. The boy said he wants to become the army chief, said the governor.

This is a very unfortunate incident, especially since it isn’t an isolated one, he said. Ismail said incidents like this occur frequently.

“I don’t know whether K-Electric’s negligence is at fault or not, but I do know that K-Electric is responsible for the accidents that claimed these children’s hands,” he said. There will be action taken against those responsible, said the governor, adding that the people responsible will not be allowed to walk away free after these children’s hands were amputated.



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