Linkin Park bassist writes heartfelt letter in memory of Chester Bennington on first death anniversary

Marking the first death anniversary of lead singer Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s bassist Dave “Phoenix” Ferrell has penned down a heartfelt letter to the deceased singer. Taking to Instagram, the band member shared a picture of Bennington and paid accolades to his friend with poignant and emotional note stating: “In the past year, there hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t thought of you. I miss you, and it still hurts to not have you here.” He went on to state: “”I chose not to speak at your memorial because I couldn’t formulate the words to adequately express how I felt… I chose not to speak at the Celebration of Life Concert honoring you because I knew I’d struggle to even be able to speak at all. And today, a year after your passing, I still struggle to try and eloquently express what you mean to your family, your friends, your fans… and to me.” The powerful testimonial for the late singer was concluded stating: “There is so much that I feel, and that I could say, and that I would want to say, and that I don’t know how to say… but one thing I know for certain, is that you are loved, and you are missed. Be Well My Friend, Dave.”The lauded musician was found last year hanging by a belt by his employee in his residence in south California. He was 41. The singer’s struggles with drug and alcohol abuse along with his experiences with sexual abuse had played a major part in the tragic end to his life.

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