Manto’s daughters will be heading to India to attend the release of their father’s biopic

Photo: Cannes Film Festival ‘Manto’

The filmmaker behind Manto, Nandita Das, has confirmed that the daughters of Pakistani writer Saadat Hasan Manto will be traveling to Mumbai for the release of their father’s biopic movie.

The daughters, Nuzhat and Nusrat, will be traveling from Lahore by road via the Wagah Border and will be flown down to Mumbai along with their spouses. The eldest among three sisters, Nighat won’t be able to attend the screening.

The filmmaker confirmed the news to DNA. “We are keeping our fingers crossed that the family of this great literary icon, who is a legend in the Indian subcontinent, will find the passage smooth.”

She also said that the family will be availing the visa-on-arrival option available to those over 65, according to an understanding between both governments. “In the past we have traveled after a visa was granted. So we are a bit worried,” said Das.

Manto is a biographical account of the life of the Pakistani author and playwright. Directed by Das, it is slated for release on September 21.



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