Meet the most ‘Pinkest’ person in the World!

HOLLYWOOD: There is a new Queen in town and she likes to be called the “Queen of Pink”.

This woman surely takes her love for the color pink to a whole new level!

Kitten Kay Sera lives in West Hollywood and lives her life with only one goal in mind to stan the color pink at all costs!

She wears pink every day to the gym, to bed, to weddings, and yes, even to funerals.

“I’ve been wearing nothing but pink exclusively for over 35 years,” she said.

Surprisingly pink wasn’t her favorite color to carry growing up “Growing up, I didn’t really wear much pink,” she says “I didn’t know it was my favorite color until I wore it, head-to-toe, on my 20th birthday. Then, it just felt right — and pink chose me. I was tickled pink from that day forward!”

While talking about how a preference to a single color limits her opportunities she said she has had professional difficulties since she wouldn’t wear a uniform that is not pink.

“I don’t come any other way,” she says. “I come in this. I come in pink.”

And her obsession is not only limited to clothes, every personal belonging every item she has in her house is .. yes you guessed right,  pink.

From her coffeemaker to her fridge and treadmill  along with her car and her hair its all PINK

“I’ve easily spent $1.5 million on my pink obsession,” she admits.

She even dyes her dog fur with beetroot juice so he can sync with her lifestyle.


“It’s totally safe and vet-approved, I wouldn’t do anything to harm her. I love her so much.”

“People tell me on a daily basis that I’m inspiring to them, and that makes me so happy.”

Not surprisingly, Kitten shares that she’s also been told she’s crazy, “I don’t care because you know what? I do whatever I want,” she says. “I always say, ‘Dare to be daring.’”

She adds: “I am the flamingo in a flock of pigeons.”



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