Mexican women marry trees out of love in mass wedding

Mexican activists, in a bid to conserve nature and take care of trees, married trees in order to save them from deforestation and illegal logging.A number of single women belonging to San Jacinto Amilpas, Oaxaca State got hitched to trees where they vowed to take care of them like a spouse. They were dressed up in white as traditional brides where this one-of-a-kind union was witnessed and celebrated by many.The ceremonies are known as the “marry a tree” ritual and is being held and supported by an organization named Bedani.“I think more than 30 people got married here, men and women, who freely said ‘yes’ to their tree. The commitment is more than a symbolic wedding – it is also a commitment that is spiritual and action-oriented,” said Ivana Motalva, a participant.Another activist, Dolores Leycegui, said, “I chose this tree as just a symbol, marrying a tree, but it is an implication of the big commitment to plant more trees, to bring an end to the deforestation that happens day after day in the environment. It’s saving ourselves.”According to reports, a third of Mexico’s land is reportedly covered by forest, and criminal groups reportedly control and partake in illegal activity on most of the area damaging most of the plantation there. This kind act can be seen as furthering a very important message; to protect nature and the overall environment.

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