Nominations of the 2018 comedy wildlife photography awards

The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has revealed its shortlist of finalists for the 2018 photo contest.

Thousands of photographers around the world entered their humorous wildlife pictures into this year’s contest, and 41 of them were selected as finalists.

Over 3500 entries from across the globe battled it out to be named the winner of five categories – On The Land, Under The Sea, Portfolio, Juniors and the overall winner.

Here’s are some of the finalist photos:

“Caught In The Act” by Mary McGowan Brandon

“This is Sparta!” by Sergey Savvi

“The people are back!” by Patty Bauchman

“Spy” by Muntazeri Abdi

“Drive Safe!” by Jonathan Irish

“Astonished Lemur” by Jakob Strecker

“Rhinopeocock 4” by Kallol Mukherjee

“Perfect Pillow” by Denise Dupras

“Guffaw!” by Amy Kennedy

“Split” by Geert Weggen

“Mother returned from her parents’ meeting from school” by Valtteri Mulkahainen

“Wildlife PhotograBear” by Roie Galitz

“Flying Hyena” by Kevin Rooney

“Should Have Gone To Specsavers” by Michael Lane

“Walrus Breath!” by Jackie Downey

“The Yawn” by Danielle D’Ermo

“Coastal Brown Bear Cub with a headache” by Danielle D’Ermo

The winner will be announced on November 15th, 2018.



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