Osman Khalid Butt slams users trolling Saba Qamar for smoking

Perhaps the most progressive artist in the industry, Osman Khalid Butt takes the cake once again after stepping up in defense of Saba Qamar’s leaked pictures that has silenced the trolls.The Hindi Medium actor was spotted smoking a cigarette while she donned a lucent white top which left the social media in fumes.With Saba choosing to remain silent on the massive backlash, her pal Osman Khalid Butt has slammed the haters through a powerful Instagram post.”Just heard about the all-too-familiar misogynistic, repulsive rhetoric that’s swept the nation once BTS pictures from Saba’s photoshoot were leaked (WITHOUT her consent),” stated the Balu Mahi actor.The multitalented star went on to state: ” First: you do not fuck with Saba Qamar. Period.”Furthermore he criticized social media users for attacking luminaries every chance they get, ” For the love of God, stop looking for every excuse to drag your icons down.”He concluded the post urging people to stop the circulation of the viral content. “STOP sharing these images/videos and stop commenting on them. If you want to speak out, speak out against the jahalat of whoever did this just for social media infamy.”The Diyar-e-Dil star had previously taken a stand in a humorous way for Mahira Khan as well, when she had landed in a similar mess last year. Bringing to light the the society’s double standards, Obi along with a friend was seen recreating the viral images of Mahira Khan with Ranbir Kapoor where she was seen smoking a in a backless dress. The image was captioned: “‘SHOCKING: Behaya male actor cigarette-noshi kartay huay pakray gaye – sharmnaak manazir’.. said NO ONE EVER.F*** your double standards.”

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