Passenger plane crash landed into the ocean

Passenger plane crash landed into the ocean

MICRONESIA: A passenger plane has crash-landed into the ocean around the tiny Pacific island nation of Micronesia.

Fortunately, it did not end in fatalities as all 47 passengers and crew survived after the pilot missed the runway.

The passengers managed to escape from the plane, and locals arrived shortly on small boats to assist with the rescue operation.

Some members of the crew and passengers on board have been taken to a local hospital for treatment and are undergoing checks, however, there have been no reports of serious injuries thus far.

An American passenger on the plane, and one of the people who shot the video footage, Bill Jaynes, said that he was up to his waist in water whilst still on the plane.

He said: “I thought we landed hard until I looked over to the side of the plane and saw a hole the water was coming in,

He continued: “We came in low. We came in very low and unfortunately the flight attendants panicked and started yelling and I was trying to be calm and help.

“I called my wife and she cried – I asked her why as I’m talking to her.

“Fortunately, my injury is just a head injury- there were some pretty severe ones but no deaths.”

Air Niugini, Papua New Guinea’s national airline, released a press statement on Facebook that reads:

“Air Niugini advises that its Boeing 737-800 series aircraft, P2-PXE landed short of the runway whilst landing at Chuuk Island of the Federated States of Micronesia this morning.

“Air Niugini can confirm that all on board were able to safely evacuate the aircraft. The airline is making all efforts to ensure the safety and immediate needs of our passengers and crew.

“Further information will be provided as it becomes available.”

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