Stranger Things unveils first teaser for third season

The widely popular sci-fi TV series Stranger Things has unveiled its first teaser for the third season, making fans reminiscent of the retro era of the 80’s.The super hit Netflix show introduces a new setting as the show prepares to make a return for a third season hinting at a probable release next year.The first teaser of the series was unveiled by the official Twitter account that took the form of an advertisement from the early 80’s, subsequently unleashing a fresh wave of excitement and anticipation amongst fans.The short teaser spanning over 90 seconds, swiftly advertises a mall set in the year 1985 where Joe Keery’s character of Steve Harrington is also spotted with a new addition in the cast, Robin played by Maya Hawke, as they serve ice cream at a sailor-themed parlor. As per the buzz about the shows upcoming season, the mall sequence by Starcourt Industries could be the probable new commercial nuisance in the area of Hawkins after the Hawkins National Laboratory.

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