The man behind the Beatles’ hair

Leslie Cavendish, hairdresser to iconic UK pop band the Beatles, talks mop tops, the swinging 60s and having tea with Paul McCartney in his new book, The Cutting Edge.
Leslie Cavendish said, “To be a fan of anybody, to be able to cut their hair and go on that journey with them, and to have the privilege of going into a recording studio – it’s what everyone would have dreamed of.”
The Beatles were individuals whereas people before weren’t individuals, they were all corporate and then you had four guys that were different. The revolution took over and those gray skies became a colorful moment in time. It was a bit on an ‘up-yours’ to everybody.
“I was washing Jane Asher’s hair and one Saturday morning, she said to me ‘would you like to cut my boyfriend’s hair?’ We all knew her boyfriend was Paul McCartney. When I opened the door there was McCartney. So I’m sitting down in a living room with guitars, pianos, and there’s McCartney asking me if I take sugar.
“If I had an iPhone at the time I probably would have taken some pictures but I didn’t take any hair, didn’t bother them. I felt very comfortable. I was just on this little journey: I was on my own Magical Mystery Tour.
“I have some lovely stories: going down to the recording studio and asking McCartney if he was recording anything and he played me Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da before it even came out; going on the Magical Mystery Tour; all these stories, and I think it’s now time to talk about it, before I get any older!”

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