World Environment Day sloganeers ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ this year

If you can’t reuse it, refuse it – that is core agenda at the World Environment Day being commenced around the globe today.Sloganeering “Beat Plastic Pollution” this year, there is a lot to replace and a lot to shrink as organizations pin-point the alerts.World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) has risen that globally, as much as eight million tonnes of plastic is tossed into the sea every year. “That’s the same as a garbage truck dumping a full load into the ocean every minute.”The plastic that needs to be feared, is either blown off at landfill sites, left on beaches, and In towns and cities, litters get washed down drains and into rivers –– an alarming statistic is that rivers carry around 1.15 – 2.41 million tonnes of plastic into the sea at an annual scale globally.The occasion has aimed at avoiding single-use plastic –– the waste that eventually ends up being dumped into the oceans, regardless of the danger it spears against marine species. The marine debris is mistaken for food, specifically plastic bags for jellyfish.Irresistible how single-use plastic has taken up a large portion among our daily uses, Internet and organizations are stressing our over-reliance on disposable plastic as it comes with severe environmental consequences.By the year 2050, there will be more plastics in our oceans than fish, the UN predicts.Here’s what needs to be considered: Ditch plastics. Take baby steps.The words are spread everywhere. Among all the plastic that is used; the plastic bottles, the disposable boxes and straws that we toss into the trash – it all leaches toxins into food and drink and causes hormone disruption and cancers.With the plastic bags included, only a tiny percentage is recycled. The theme is stressing over how plastic forms marine debris and pollutes our ocean, kill marine animals and birds, and enters our food chain.Even glitter is a microplastic.Global Environment Day is for everyone and here is more that you can do about it.According to World Economic Forum, plastic bottles might take 450 years to biodegrade, Styrofoam cups to take 50 years and aluminum cans may take 200 years.

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