Microsoft Excel becomes a victim of Indian nationalism after Surf Excel ad

A Surf Excel ad promoting Hindu-Muslim unity has been met with massive backlash in India and has, bizarrely, led to Microsoft Excel getting bashed.

The ad shows a girl giving her Muslim friend a ride on her bike to a mosque to pray on Holi. It is being called anti-Hindu and nationalists have been slamming it on Facebook and Twitter. But they didn’t stop there.

They decided to take on Surf Excel on the Google Play Store too, but the problem is that Surf Excel doesn’t have an app and they’ve been targeting Microsoft Excel instead.

People in India have been leaving negative reviews on Microsoft Excel and giving it one-star ratings.

Some reviews include: “I used to like this app, until they partnered with Surf and made such a disgusting anti religious ad. Now where ever I read the word Excel I can only think of anti Hindu propaganda. Shame on you for doing this.”

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Many other people have also written reviews slamming Microsoft Excel for being anti-Hindu.

To be clear, Microsoft Excel and Surf Excel do not have any partnership and are not related in any way.

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