Second case of Congo virus emerges in Karachi

KARACHI: One more case of Congo virus reported in Karachi as a young boy was diagnosed with the disease after being admitted at a hospital in Nazimabad area, ARY News reported on Sunday.

Doctors confirmed that the 17-year-old boy, named as Qamar Shah who is the resident of Sohrab Goth and worked at a dairy farm, was diagnosed with Congo virus during the initial medical examination tests.

It is pertinent to mention here that the first case of Congo virus was report on February 11 in the metropolis as a woman, Tazeem Faizan, had been brought to Jinnah Hospital in critical condition.

In 2018, at least 16 deaths had been reported in Karachi from the life-threatening virus, whereas, 41 patients majorly from Quetta – Balochistan were diagnosed with it.

Earlier on July 25, a congo virus alert had been issued for the metropolis, stipulating precautionary instructions for all those people who are visiting cattle farms.

The alert was issued by Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to hospitals, directing the management to adopt special precautions for a congo affected patient.

The letter of the KMC further asked hospitals to establish special wards for congo patients, and run awareness campaigns about the virus through banners and posters.

The disease is caused when a tick attaches itself to the skin of cattle and when that infected tick or animal comes in contact with people, the highly contagious virus is transmitted into the human body and the person falls ill.

This disease has a 40-50 percent mortality rate.


The initial symptoms of Congo fever include headache, high fever, rashes, back pain, joint pain, stomach pain and vomiting.


People should wear light-colored and airy clothes while going to cattle farms. Use of mask and gloves is also recommended while touching animals.



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