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Give your children a chance to do what they want, be it acting or anything else, says actor and model Maya Ali.

Ali, who has been very honest about her family disapproving of her career in the entertainment industry, recently spoke to BBC Asian Network and shared how she struggled to get her father’s approval after becoming an actor.

“I’m not saying your child only wants to become an actor. If they want to do something else, please let them do it. I beg of you,” the 28-year-old actor urged parents.

She said time doesn’t wait for anyone. And when it passes, you think to yourself ‘I missed it’.

Ali stars in one of this Eid’s big film releases – Parey Hut Love.

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She is among one of Pakistan’s most popular actors now, but it hasn’t been easy for her.

Ali faced a lot of criticism at the start of her career.

“People used to say: isko tou acting nahi aati. Ye kiya kaam kar rahi hai? [She doesn’t even know how to act. What is she doing],” Ali told the interviewer.

But things gradually changed.

People soon started appreciating Ali and her work.

But things at home didn’t. Her father stopped talking to her for eight years and Ali regrets the time lost. “I wish he was there to appreciate me. Or that he would scold me even. I remember those days when I used to say ‘Baba, Asalamalaikum’ and he wouldn’t reply back,” she shared.

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She was able to connect with her father six months before his death when she was nominated for one of her films – Diyar-e-Dil – but didn’t win.

“He said ‘ok next year you will win that award for Mann Mayal’,” she said. And to her surprise, she did win.

In a message to parents of children who want to pursue careers in the entertainment industry, she said there is something about parents’ [fears] that is right, but times have changed and have so have people.

“Don’t let them [your children] reach a point in their lives where they think they had an opportunity and missed it,” she advised.

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