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A student of BUITEMS University in Balochistan has built a smart helmet that could save lives.

It detects the presence of poisonous gases like carbon monoxide and methane in coal mines. The sensor activates an alarm if the gas levels increase.

The invention would decrease the number of accidents in coal mines, which result in the deaths of hundreds of labourers every year, Ali Gul said on SAMAA TV’s morning show Naya Din on Friday. He said most accidents occur due to the spread of poisonous gases.

The helmet is controlled through a wireless sensor network. People sitting in a control room can track the real-time location of the worker, check the temperature of the mine and the labourer’s oxygen level. It can be monitored through a desktop or mobile application.

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Gul created the prototype for his university’s final project. He said there were accidents happening in mines every other day and decided that something should be done about it.

The prototype of the helmet was tested in a mine and passed its initial examination.

The young man received a grant of Rs40 million from the HEC Technology Development Fund for the project.

He won competitions on a national level for his invention, including the Ignite inter-university competition.

Gul says he wants to commercialise his product and wants people outside Pakistan to use it too. However, his main reason to build it was to curb the increase in accidents in Balochistan’s coal mines.

Balochistan has more than 3,000 coal mines where over 40,000 miners work. Hundreds of people lose their lives in mine accidents every year. Many times, the accidents occur due to the release of poisonous gases in the mines.

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