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Pakistan needs blood donors. Many patients die waiting for the right type of blood for transfusions and critical surgeries and quickly connecting blood donors with those in need of blood could help save many lives. That’s where Blood Donors Pakistan comes in.

With Facebook and Twitter pages, Blood Donors Pakistan hopes to leverage social media to make blood donation faster and more convenient. Those requesting blood share their requirements and contact details on social media, and the service makes sure the blood reaches them in time.

The head of the initiative, Osama Mahmood, spoke about how the service attempts to make blood donation easier on SAMAA TV’s programme Naya Din on Friday.

“It’s usually very difficult to find blood donors. Blood Donors Pakistan connects blood donors to blood requesters,” explained Mahmood. “We use social media, Facebook and Twitter to try and find blood donors as soon as possible and save precious lives.”

He said that Blood Donors Pakistan has been active since October 2014. They have sent out around 25,000 tweets requesting blood donations so far.

“We’re not sure how many blood donors we have provided on the ground because quite often there are lapses in connectivity. We are still trying our best to connect as many donors and requesters as possible,” said Mahmood.

Moving forward he explained that they hoped to get the government involved. They want the Punjab Information and Technology Board to take an interest so the initiative can expand in Punjab at least.

Mahmood said information technology could really help patients get the services they need conveniently. He hopes that one day Blood Donors Pakistan is used all across the country to save lives.

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