Pokémon GO is finally getting player versus player battling

In Pokémon GO you hunt for Pokémon and battle to capture them but the game is still missing one of the most important components of gaming — player versus player battling.

But that is about to change.

In a series of teaser tweets, the company confirmed that the battle system is on the way, noting only that it’s “coming soon.”

Battling is the feature perhaps most demanded by the player base — particularly after the other oh-so-demanded feature, trading, was finally added around six months ago. While players have long been able to battle Pokémon stored in gyms, or work together to take down Pokémon that show up in raids, there’s never been the sort of real-time, head-to-head battling system for which the series is so well-known.

In August of this year, a rep for Niantic mentioned that their goal was to get it out by the end of the year. Given these tweets, it’s looking like that’ll happen.



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