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Samsung finally announced that their first foldable smartphone will go on sale in September after problems with the device delayed its initial release.

Four months after the company delayed the retail launch of the phone, Samsung now says the Galaxy Fold will be available for purchase at an unspecified date in September.

In addition to a new launch, Samsung also said it fixed the problems that caused some reviewers’ phones to break in the first place. The fixes include a protective top layer that extends beyond the bezel, “making it apparent that it is an integral part of the display structure”, not a dust guard you’d want to remove.

They also include “reinforcements” to keep debris from working its way underneath the screen and new “protection caps” to strengthen the top and bottom of the hinge area, which had revealed natural gaps where particles could get in.

Metal reinforcements beneath the screen (the Infinity Flex Display), presumably to make the plastic screen stiffer, have also been included.

The company has also reduced the air gap between the Fold’s body and hinge.

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Samsung confirmed the price will remain the same as before: $1,980. The firm has been racing to launch a folding smartphone before its rivals. Huawei became the second-largest smartphone seller in the world last year and plans to launch its folding smartphone in September. The company also pushed back the release of its foldable phone, saying it wanted to conduct extra tests following the screen problems with Samsung’s Galaxy

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