Pakistan beat New Zealand by two runs in first T20

Pakistan defeated New Zealand by two runs in first Twenty20 International in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

The green shirts won the toss and chose to bat.

They made 148/6 with Mohammad Hafeez scoring 45 runs while captain Sarfraz Ahmed and Asif Ali made 24 runs for the team.

Adam Milne picked up two wickets for the Blackcaps while Ajaz Patel, Colin de Grandhomme and Ish Sodhi picked up a wicket each.

New Zealand managed 146/6 in their 20 overs with Colin Munro scoring 58 runs and Ross Taylor chipping in with his knock of 42 runs.

Hasan Ali picked up three wickets for Pakistan.

Mohammad Hafeez was named Player of the Match for his performance with the bat.

Pakistan lead the three match series by 1-0. The second and third fixture will be played on Friday and Sunday respectively.


Over 20: New Zealand 146/6 (lose by two runs)

  • Ross Taylor 42 (26b)
  • Tim Southee 5 (2b)

Bowler: Shaheen Afridi (1-4-1-2-2-4)
Pakistan clinch a nervy two-wicket win to go 1-0 up in the three-match series.

Over 19: New Zealand 132/6 (require 17 runs to win)

Bowler: Hasan Ali (W-4-2-2-1-W)
Hasan Ali struck twice in the over. Can Pakistan hold onto their nerves and clinch a victory?

WICKET: Tim Seifert b Hasan Ali 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)

WICKET: Corey Anderson c Shoaib Malik b Hasan Ali 9 (12b 0x4 0x6)

Over 18: New Zealand 123/4 (require 26 runs to win)

  • Corey Anderson 9 (11b)
  • Ross Taylor 24 (18b)

Bowler: Shaheen Afridi (1-1lb-2-4-1-1)
A boundary but New Zealand needs some big shots at the moment.

Over 17: New Zealand 112/4 (require 37 runs to win)

  • Ross Taylor 16 (14b)
  • Corey Anderson 8 (9b)

Bowler: Hasan Ali (2-2-2-1-1-1)
Nine runs scored from the over.

Over 16: New Zealand 103/4 (require 46 runs to win)

  • Corey Anderson 7 (8b)
  • Ross Taylor 8 (9b)

Bowler: Shadab Khan (1-0-2-1-1-2)
Seven runs came from Shadab Khan’s over.

Over 15: New Zealand 96/4 (require 53 runs to win)

  • Ross Taylor 6 (7b)
  • Corey Anderson 2 (4b)

Bowler: Hasan Ali (2-1-0-0-1-1)
Five runs conceded by Hasan Ali.

Over 14: New Zealand 91/4 (require 58 runs to win)

  • Ross Taylor2 (4b)
  • Corey Anderson1 (1b)

Bowler: Shaheen Afridi (2-1-0-W-1-1)
Shadab Khan dismissed Colin de Grandhomme with a direct hit.

WICKET: Colin de Grandhomme run out (Shadab Khan) 6 (6b 0x4 0x6)

Over 13: New Zealand 86/3 (require 63 runs to win)

  • Colin de Grandhomme 3 (4b)
  • Ross Taylor 1 (1b)

Bowler: Imad Wasim (1-1-0-W-1-1lb
Imad Wasim dismissed the Blackcaps skipper in the over.

WICKET: Kane Williamson c & b Imad Wasim 11 (16b 0x4 0x6)

Over 12: New Zealand 82/2 (require 67 runs to win)

  • Colin de Grandhomme 2 (2b)
  • Kane Williamson 10 (13b)

Bowler: Shadab Khan (1-4-W-1-0-2)
Shadab Khan dismissed Colin Munro after being struck for a boundary.

WICKET: Colin Munro c Asif Ali b Shadab Khan 58 (42b 6×4 3×6)

Over 11: New Zealand 74/1 (require 75 runs to win)

  • Colin Munro 54 (40b)
  • Kane Williamson 8 (11b)

Bowler: Mohammad Hafeez (1-1-0-2-0-4)
Colin Munro reached his 50 and struck a boundary in the over.

Over 10: New Zealand 66/1 (require 83 runs to win)

  • Colin Munro 47 (35b)
  • Kane Williamson 7 (10b)

Bowler: Shadab Khan (1-0-2-1-0-1)
Five runs conceded by Shadab Khan in the over.

Over 9: New Zealand 61/1 (require 88 runs to win)

  • Kane Williamson 4 (7b)
  • Colin Munro 45 (32b)

Bowler: Mohammad Hafeez (1-1-0-2-0-0)
Four runs came from the over.

Over 8: New Zealand 57/1 (require 92 runs to win)

  • C Munro 44 (31b)
  • KS Williamson 1 (2b)

Bowler: Shadab Khan (1-0-1-0-0-4)
Six runs came from Shadab Khan’s over.

Over 7: New Zealand 51/1 (require 98 runs to win)

  • Colin Munro 39 (27b)
  • Kane Williamson 0 (0b)

Bowler: Mohammad Hafeez (0-0-0-0-0-1)
Just a single conceded by Mohammad Hafeez in his first over.

Over 6: New Zealand 50/1 (require 99 runs to win)

Bowler: Hasan Ali (1-6-4-1-0-W)
Hasan Ali uprooted Glenn Phillips’ leg stump.

WICKET: Glenn Phillips b Hasan Ali 12 (15b 2×4 0x6)

Over 5: New Zealand 38/0 (require 111 runs to win)

  • Colin Munro 27 (18b)
  • Glenn Phillips 11 (12b)

Bowler: Imad Wasim (6-0-0-6-0-4)
Colin Munro took the charge as he smashed the two sixes.

Over 4: New Zealand 22/0 (require 127 runs to win)

  • Glenn Phillips 11 (12b)
  • Colin Munro 11 (12b)

Bowler: Imad Wasim (0-1-4-1-4-0)
Colin Munro and Glenn Phillips scored a boundary each.

Over 3: New Zealand 12/0 (require 137 runs to win)

  • Colin Munro 6 (10b)
  • Glenn Phillips 6 (8b)

Bowler: Imad Wasim (1-0-1-2-0-0)
Four runs came from Imad Wasim’s over.

Over 2: New Zealand 8/0 (require 141 runs to win)

  • Glenn Phillips 5 (6b)
  • Colin Munro3 (6b)

Bowler: Imad Wasim (0-0-0-1-4-0)
Glenn Phillips scored the first boundary.

Over 1: New Zealand 3/0 (require 146 runs to win)

  • Colin Munro 2 (2b)
  • Glenn Phillips 1 (4b)

Bowler: Imad Wasim (1-0-0-0-1-1)
Three runs picked up from the first over of the innings.


Over 20: Pakistan 148/6

  • Imad Wasim 14 (5b)
  • Faheem Ashraf 10 (8b)

Bowler: Tim Southee (2-1-0-1-4-6)
Pakistan have set a target of 149 runs for New Zealand to win the first Twenty20 International.

Over 19: Pakistan 134/6

  • Faheem Ashraf 9 (6b)
  • Imad Wasim 1 (1b)

Bowler: Adam Milne (1lb-1-0-wd-2-0-6)
Faheem Ashraf scored the maximum in the penultimate over.

Over 18: Pakistan 123/6

Bowler: Ish Sodhi (1-1-6-W-1-1W)
Corey Anderson took a brilliant catch to dismiss Sarfraz Ahmed and ran out Shoaib Malik.

WICKET: Shoaib Malik run out (Anderson) 8 (7b 1×4 0x6)

WICKET: Sarfraz Ahmed c Anderson b Sodhi 34 (26b 3×4 1×6)

Over 17: Pakistan 113/4

  • Shoaib Malik 6 (5b)
  • Sarfraz Ahmed 27 (23b)

Bowler: Tim Southee (0-4-2-1-0-0)
A lucky escape for Sarfraz as the ball slipped out of the bowler’s hands while going for the clear run out.

Over 16: Pakistan 106/4

  • Sarfraz Ahmed 20 (19b)
  • Shoaib Malik 6 (3b)

Bowler: Ish Sodhi (0-2-0-1-1-1)
Ish Sodhi conceded five runs in the over.

Over 15: Pakistan 101/4

  • Sarfraz Ahmed 16 (14b)
  • Shoaib Malik 5 (2b)

Bowler: Colin de Grandhomme (1-W-wd-1-4-1-1)
Pakistan crossed three figures as Asif Ali was dismissed caught out.

WICKET: Asif Ali c Phillips b de Grandhomme 24 (21b 1×4 1×6)

Over 14: Pakistan 92/3

  • Sarfraz Ahmed 13 (11b)
  • Asif Ali 24 (20b)

Bowler: Ajaz Patel (4-1-1-0-0-1)
Sarfraz Ahmed scored the boundary.

Over 13: Pakistan 85/3

  • Sarfraz Ahmed 7 (6b)
  • Asif Ali 23 (19b)

Bowler: Tim Southee (0-1-1-0-4-1)
The boundary was scored by the Pakistani captain.

Over 12: Pakistan 78/3

  • Asif Ali 22 (18b)
  • Sarfraz Ahmed 1 (1b)

Bowler: Adam Milne (1-4-0-W-1-0)
Tim Southee took a screamer to dismiss Mohammad Hafeez.

WICKET: Mohammad Hafeez c Southee b Milne 45 (36b 5×4 2×6)

Over 11: Pakistan 72/2

  • Asif Ali 21 (16b)
  • Mohammad Hafeez 41 (33b)

Bowler: Ajaz Patel (1-1-1-6-1-1)
Mohammad Hafeez hit the maximum.

Over 10: Pakistan 61/2

  • Mohammad Hafeez 33 (30b)
  • Asif Ali 18 (13b)

Bowler: Ish Sodhi (1-1-1-wd-0-1-0)
Glenn Philips saved a certain four by diving to his left.

Over 9: Pakistan 56/2

  • Asif Ali 16 (10b)
  • Mohammad Hafeez 31 (27b)

Bowler: Colin Munro (0-4-1-1-1-6)
Asif Ali scored the maximum while Mohammad Hafeez picked up the boundary.

Over 8: Pakistan 43/2

  • Mohammad Hafeez 25 (23b)
  • Asif Ali 9 (8b)

Bowler: Ish Sodhi (1-0-0-1-1-1)
Four singles taken from the over.

Over 7: Pakistan 39/2

  • Asif Ali 7 (6b)
  • Mohammad Hafeez 23 (19b)

Bowler: Colin de Grandhomme (0-0-2-4-1-1)
Mohammad Hafeez struck the boundary.

Over 6: Pakistan 31/2

  • Asif Ali 6 (5b)
  • Mohammad Hafeez 16 (14b)

Bowler: Tim Southee (0-0-0-6-1-0)
Mohammad Hafeez hit the first six of the game.

Over 5: Pakistan 24/2

  • Mohammad Hafeez 9 (9b)
  • Asif Ali 6 (4b)

Bowler: Adam Milne (4-1-0-4-0-1)
Asif Ali and Mohammad Hafeez scored a boundary each.

Over 4: Pakistan 14/2

  • Mohammad Hafeez 4 (5b)
  • Asif Ali 1 (2b)

Bowler: Ajaz Patel (W-0-0-0-4-0)
Sahibzada Farhan was caught at the boundary on the leg side and Mohammad Hafeez struck the boundary.

WICKET: Sahibzada Farhan c Munro b Patel 1 (8b 0x4 0x6)

Over 3: Pakistan 10/1

  • Sahibzada Farhan 1 (7b)
  • Asif Ali 1 (2b)

Bowler: Adam Milne (0-W-0-1-0-1)
Babar Azam was caught behind by the wicket keeper.

WICKET: Babar Azam c Seifert b Milne 7 (9b 1×4 0x6)

Over 2: Pakistan 8/0

  • Sahibzada Farhan 0 (5b)
  • Babar Azam 7 (7b)

Bowler: Tim Southee (0-2-2lb-0-0-0)
Sahibzada Farhan nearly got caught out in the over.

Over 1: Pakistan 5/0

  • Sahibzada Farhan 0 (2b)
  • Babar Azam 5 (4b)

Bowler: Ajaz Patel (4-0-0-1-0-0)
Debutante Ajaz Patel was smacked for a boundary by Babar Azam on the first ball of his Twenty20 career

New Zealand (Playing XI): Glenn Phillips, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson (captain), Colin de Grandhomme, Ross Taylor, Corey Anderson, Tim Seifert (wicket keeper), Adam Milne, Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi and Ajaz Patel.

Pakistan (Playing XI): Babar Azam, Sahibzada Farhan, Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Asif Ali, Sarfraz Ahmed (wicket keeper and captain), Faheem Ashraf, Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Hasan Ali and Shaheen Afridi.

Pakistan have won the toss and have opted to bat




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