‘BODMAS or PEMDAS’: Simple maths equation divides people over internet

A simple mathematic equation is currently under discussion of the people on the internet which creates a clear division among them regarding its correct answer.

Thousands of people are busy in making arguments over the correct answer of the maths equation which is simply written as ‘8 ÷ 2 (2+2) = ?’ and needs a solution.

A TV star, Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk, replied to the post, “It’s 16 y’all.” but his answer was admitted by a portion and rejected by others.

One of his fans, Carly Ariel, said, “it’s 1 though isn’t it???  pemdas…?”

When it comes to our side, the equation gets the answer of 16 by using BODMAS method [brackets, orders, division/multiplication, addition/subtraction], whereas, the answer will be 1 (one) if uses PEMDAS method in order of parenthesis, exponents, multiplication/division, addition/subtraction.

The AKA Google Calculator called as ‘the dad of all calculators’ showed that the correct answer is 16 which empowers the portion of the internet users using BODMAS.

On the other hand, a mathematics professor from Oxford University told British media that there isn’t one correct answer – as the equation has been ambiguously written, leaving it open to interpretation.

They said: “Without better brackets, there can be ambiguity.  There are conventions about the order of operations to try to resolve this, sometimes called BODMAS in UK schools.

“If it still seems unclear, it’s best to include brackets to remove any possible ambiguity.  Mathematicians do not generally have problems communicating with each other about things like this, but for whatever reason people seem to enjoy posing these kinds of problems on social media!”

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