‘Dabba Peer’ arrested for torturing, molesting women

RAWALPINDI: Police on Monday arrested a fake faith-healer from Rawalpindi district’s Kahuta city on the charges of torturing and molesting women, ARY News reported.

According to details, the fake faith-healer was arrested on the orders of DPO Rawalpindi who took notice of his illegal activities after several complaints from womenfolk of the area.

The complainants maintained that the fake faith-healer Younus alias Dabba Peer used to torture and molest women in the name of exorcism.

Police sources told ARY News that the law enforcement agency is conducting raids to arrest Dabba Peer’s aides who used to lure women at his place.


Fake faith healer arrested for molesting women in Daska

It is pertinent to note here that this is not the first time such a faith-healer was arrested.

Among several such incidents, ARY News’ team Sar-e-Aam team got a fake faith healer arrested for molesting women in the name of “spiritual healing” in Daska city of the province.

The man named Aslam reportedly used to demand sexual favours from women on the pretext that their problems will be solved by the ghosts in his possession who demand such activities.

Last year, a similar raid by ARY Sar-e-Aam team led to the arrest of another faith healer and “exorcist” who was molesting women in Vehari city of Multan district.

The fake faith healer was not only fooling the people of the city by identifying everyone as possessed and claiming to evict demons from their bodies but also used to molest womenfolk on the pretext of exorcism.

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