Is this a crow or a rabbit?: Viral video baffles netizens

Crow, Rabbit, Raven

A video of an animal being stroked has sparked a heated debate between Netizens over whether it shows a crow or a rabbit in the video.

The video which has left many perplexed and bamboozled was shared on Twitter by Podcaster Dan Quintana on Sunday with the caption: “Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose.”

Many people questioned whether it showed the nose of a rabbit being rubbed or the back of a bird’s head.

The “beak” appears to resemble rabbit ears.

The footage was seen more than one million times via its original source on the micro-blogging website, at which Quintana sounded pleased in the follow-ups to his video going viral.

The replies made for interesting commentary with one user saying: “ok so I posted this on your fb too, but gotta make sure people appreciate it here too,” with daffy and bugs bunny going head to head over the conundrum.

Some paid ode to such quandaries of the past when people had to guess the colors of a dress and spell an italicized word right.

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