Lunch becomes nightmare as live rat falls on diner’s table

A lady’s lunch turned into a nightmare when a live rat fell from the ceiling straight on her table inside a casual eatery and sports bar.

The incident took place in a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant that has franchises throughout the United States. However, it was her luck that the rat landed on her table before she placed an order for food.

The diner originally from Texas, Alisha Norman, took pictures of the rat lying on her menu. Norman told KNBC-TV Channel 4 that she was stunned and worried that the rat must be injured as it fell like a “mack truck”.

Later, the manager picked up the rat, put it on a plate, covered it with another plate, and dumped it into a bag. The restaurant administration has compensated Norman’s lunch.

According to the restaurant’s officials, the rat’s presence is probably due to the construction that was happening nearby at the Howard Hughes Center.

An inspection of the cleanliness and sanitation will also take place before the restaurant opens, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said.

This horrible incident has left the netizens disgusted at even the thought of dining at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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