Twitter all praises for boy who smashed egg into ‘Islamophobic’ senator’s head

Fraser Anning, Will Connolly, Christchurch attack,

Senator Fraser Anning, who had blamed immigration laws and had passed Anti-Muslim remarks following the Christchurch terror attack, was egged by a teen in Melbourne on Saturday while he was speaking to media.

The teen, identified as Will Connolly by the local media, was immediately grabbed by a group of people who pinned him down to the floor.

He was subsequently arrested by the police but was later released without any charges.

As it was expected, Twitter was all praises for the ‘egg boy’. A barrage of exciting memes and gifs were posted to denounce Senator Anning and in praise of acts of Connolly.

The ‘looping addiction’ gif posted by this Twitter user would keep you hooked for several minutes.

But what if the moment of the slimy splash is repeated in quick succession?

And here’s the iconic moment from a different perspective

One Twitter user replaced Captain America from the upcoming movie The Avengers: Endgame poster, with the photo of Connolly,

Another Twitter user recreated the famous scene from The Simpsons TV series when Bart Simpson smashes a chair on the head of his father Homer Simpson as he baths.

She called it ‘Eggcellent’, and wrote: Yesterday, Australia got the villain it created. Today, it got the hero it deserved. Eggcellent #eggboy #WillConnolly

Another twitterati said the scene reminded him of the famous scene from Game of Thrones when John Snow takes on his enemies single-handedly, referring to how Connolly single-handedly took a stand against hate in a room full of Anning’s supporters.

Twitter stood united in support of Connolly, showering him with praise and respect.

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