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As a paper, The Asian Tribune stands for news. Ever since its inception, it has set new standards in unbiased and fearless reporting. The thrust of the paper is as much regional as national and international. The Asian Tribune was one of the first papers in Bangladesh to publish a daily city/regional supplement extensively covering local news. This practice continues. The Asian Tribune has found a perfect blend of national and international news, and the first comment pages in the country, catering to all reader groups.

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Being a national newspaper, The Asian Tribune keeps its eyes and ears open to all that is happening in the country today, be it in the power corridors of Dhaka or a border village in Rajshahi. International news is another of its strong points. Several readership surveys have cited The Asian Tribune for the wide spectrum of international news it provides.

Founded in 2002 as a printed broadsheet newspaper, The Asian Tribune relaunched in 2018 and developed into the largest English-language pan-Asia digital news platform.

The Asian Tribune’s main newsrooms and social media hubs are in Bangladesh. In total, The Asian Tribune has more than 150 commentators, reporters, editors, and multimedia producers working across the globe. Their work is published at https://theasiantribune.com, the main website, and social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

The Asian Tribune is owned by The Asian Tribune Digital Limited, a Bangladeshi company holding multimedia and public relations assets.

The editorial team is totally committed to delivering accurate and impartial news with the aim of informing the public debate and enabling Bangladeshis to make educated choices.

In addition, The Asian Tribune has supplements on movies, fashion, and lifestyle, education, information and technology, health, and books. It is the most comprehensive newspaper in the Bangladeshi market, not just for the entire family, but also for the entrepreneur, the young executive, and the established CEO. The Asian Tribune brings you a selection of some of the finest columnists in the country and several from the international arena. News analyses from people in the know.

Our pledge to those we serve is to seek the truth, deliver the facts and offer relevant context and analysis where appropriate.

Our tone will be non-judgemental, objective and fair. We aim to include all relevant opinions and ensure that no significant strand of thought is neglected.

We will strive to dig where others don’t, give voice to the voiceless. We all hold all quarters who bear a public responsibility – government, corporates, NGO’s and many others – accountable on behalf of you, our audience, and indeed all citizens. We aim to practice journalism that is professional, reliable, dependable and transparent.

We seek to enable maximum participation in the national dialog, and to lead to collective decisions that will be driven by a new generation’s vision of the country, not the biases of any political party or coterie.

We are committed to the values at the foundation of this country, in particular, national sovereignty, democracy and secularism and also to building a prosperous, equitable and tolerant society.

We will speak for human and civil rights, not for select groups but for all citizens, but also nurture open and respectful debate on the best ways to attain all such goals.

Our website are here to offer a canvas for Bangladeshis to showcase their best ideas to help transform the country into a knowledge-based society where citizens can express their creativity and ingenuity.

As a new generation comes of age, and soars to new heights, we wish to be their partners to help Bangladesh make its long-awaited mark in the world.

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