Don’t click on email links promising FBR tax refunds- Samaa Digital

  The Federal Bureau of Revenue has warned people against a group of fraudsters who are conning people into revealing their banking information in the name of tax refund. Scammers are sending... Read more »

Pakistan’s economy ‘on the right track’ despite inflation, unemployment- Samaa Digital

  Photo: Online In his Independence Day address, State Bank Governor Dr Reza Baqir said Pakistan’s economy is heading in the right direction. But his statement is at odds with what we’re... Read more »

Pakistan’s leather exports down as fewer animals sacrificed this Eid- Samaa Digital

  Photo: Online The Pakistan Tanners Association has had a bad year and it doesn’t look like business is getting any better. Their biggest problem? The export of leather is dropping. There... Read more »

Eid-ul-Azha expected to boost leather industry

Pakistan to sacrifice over eight million goats, sheep and cows Read more »

90% of Faisalabad government officials don’t file their taxes: FBR- Samaa Digital

    Over 90% of Faisalabad’s government officials are non-filers, including the city police, traffic police and patrolling SP, the Federal Board of Revenue reported on Thursday. At least 31,596 of 34,678... Read more »

No, Pakistan’s stock market hasn’t crashed — yet- Samaa Digital

  Photo: AFP The Pakistan Stock Exchange plunged to its lowest level in three and a half years after losing 2.3% of its worth on Wednesday. Some TV channels quickly flashed breaking... Read more »

ADB approves $500 million loan for Pakistan- Samaa Digital

  Photo: AFP The Asian Development Bank approved on Wednesday a $500 million loan for Pakistan. The money is to support and improve the country’s trade competitiveness and exports. It will also... Read more »

PSX loses 723 points, closes at four-year low- Samaa Digital

  The Pakistan Stock Exchange closed on Wednesday at a four-year-and-four-month low. It closed at 30,277 points. The last time the PSX closed at this level was around March 2015. In the... Read more »

‘Failure to exit FATF grey list may jeopardise financing assurances’- Samaa Digital

  Photo: PID The International Monetary Fund has identified various risks attached with Pakistan’s economy, including serious implications for capital inflows and financing assurances by multilateral and bilateral lenders if it fails... Read more »

214 small Karachi retailers told to pay tax by FBR- Samaa Digital

  The FBR wants small business owners to pay tax too. It has issued notices to 214 such retailers in Karachi who are not part of the tax net. This includes owners... Read more »