Chancellor David Banks appoints Miatheresa Pate, under investigation for side business

Chancellor David Banks appoints Miatheresa Pate as interim executive chief amid an investigation into her side business selling pricey conferences and online courses.

Controversy Surrounding Miatheresa Pate's Appointment

Let's talk about shaking things up in the New York City school system. Chancellor David Banks recently made a bold move by appointing Miatheresa Pate as the interim executive chief. However, this decision has raised a few eyebrows due to an ongoing investigation into Pate's side business activities. Pate, a former superintendent of District 23, stepped into the role after Carolyne Quintana's abrupt departure from the position.

The city's Special Commissioner of Investigation is currently scrutinizing Pate for her involvement in selling expensive conferences, books, and online courses through her for-profit company, ETAPS (Executive Training and Professional Services). Despite making significant strides in her career, Pate's recent endeavors have put her under the microscope.

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Miatheresa Pate's Business Ventures

Picture this: a conference on "ultimate leadership" for a price tag of $289.95. That's what attendees were greeted with at one of Miatheresa Pate's events held in West Nyack. But that's not all—Pate also conducted workshops on topics like "Loving While Leading" and launched a book titled "To Hell with Work-Life Balance," charging participants hefty sums for each session.

Despite lacking a waiver from the city Conflicts of Interest Board to run an outside business, Pate continued to organize these events and sell her merchandise. The controversy surrounding her actions only intensified when a complaint was filed against her for allegedly violating conflict rules back in January.

Backlash and Investigation

The plot thickens as education activist Leonie Haimson questions the judgment behind Pate's appointment and the DOE's vetting process. With allegations of using her official DOE title to benefit her business and charging fees to city employees, Pate found herself under even more scrutiny.

Despite these challenges, Chancellor Banks, along with other key figures in the Department of Education, received a copy of the complaint against Pate. The Special Commissioner of Investigation also stepped in to conduct a thorough examination of the situation.

DOE's Response and Future Outlook

Despite the storm brewing around Miatheresa Pate, the Department of Education stands firmly behind Chancellor Banks' decision to appoint her as interim executive chief. They claim that Pate has received guidance from the COIB and defend her promotion within the organization.

However, questions still linger regarding potential pay raises and the overall impact of this controversy on Pate's career trajectory. With uncertainty looming over her future, only time will tell how this situation unfolds for both Pate and the DOE.

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