Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board (ENSUBEB) Prioritizes School Safety

ENSUBEB emphasizes the importance of safe school environments for quality education.

Commitment to Safe Schools

The Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board (ENSUBEB) has reiterated its commitment to working with stakeholders to ensure the safety of basic education schools in the state. The Executive Chairman, Gabriel Ajah, emphasized the importance of a safe school environment in providing conducive teaching and learning experiences for students.

Ajah highlighted the significant budgetary allocation towards education by the Governor Peter Mbah administration, with 33% of the total budget dedicated to the sector. This allocation underscores the administration's commitment to prioritizing basic education, including the construction of 260 smart schools across the state.

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Government's Focus on Education

The current administration in Enugu State places a high value on education as a powerful tool in combating poverty. Governor Mbah's dedication to securing schools, lives, and properties reflects a holistic approach to education and safety.

The Minister of Education, Tahir Mamman, emphasized the need for states to adopt and implement policies on Safe School Declaration to ensure the protection of children's rights. Commissioner for Education, Ndubueze Mba, highlighted Enugu's transition towards becoming a digital literate state through smart schools and advanced technology.

Empowering School Communities

Executive Chairman of the Enugu State Post Primary Schools Management Board, Hilary Mgbodile, commended the efforts to address challenges related to student safety in schools. The interactive sessions between participants and students aimed to identify key issues and propose solutions for a safer learning environment.

Recommendations from learners included measures such as posting security operatives in schools, constructing perimeter fences, and providing support to School Based Management Committees. These initiatives aim to enhance security and motivation within school communities.

Ensuring safe school environments is not just a responsibility but a commitment to fostering quality education and protecting the future of our children. Through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, Enugu State continues to set a standard for creating safe and conducive learning spaces for all.

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