Acer Ann Pitas-Pilo Receives National Recognition for Outstanding Work in Special Education

Acer Ann Pitas-Pilo, a Special Education (SPED) teacher from Benguet, Philippines, now based in Montana, USA, has recently been awarded the Outstanding Teacher of the Year and International Teacher of the Year by the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).

Acer Ann Pitas-Pilo, a trailblazing Special Education (SPED) teacher originally from Benguet, Philippines, has been making waves in the education sector with her unwavering dedication to students with disabilities. Currently based in Montana, USA, Acer Ann recently received national recognition for her exceptional contributions and commitment.

Her remarkable achievements were celebrated through the prestigious awards of Outstanding Teacher of the Year and International Teacher of the Year, presented by the Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD) and the Division of International Special Education and Services (DISES) under the esteemed Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). The Council for Exceptional Children, a revered professional association founded in 1922, is devoted to empowering educators who work tirelessly with individuals facing disabilities.

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Recognition and Awards

Acer Ann was honored during a grand ceremony held in San Antonio, Texas, on March 14-15, 2024, where she was acknowledged for her outstanding service and impact on students with disabilities. The DISES Award highlights individuals who have shown exceptional leadership, determination, and perseverance in positively influencing the lives of students with disabilities. Acer Ann's innovative approaches, including integrating virtual instruction and developing engaging programs, have set her apart as a beacon of excellence in the field.

Additionally, the DLD’s Outstanding Educator-of-the-Year Awards recognize professionals dedicated to serving students with learning disabilities. With over five years of experience supporting students across all grade levels, Acer Ann's expertise and passion have been instrumental in transforming the educational landscape.

Job Responsibilities and Impact

As an Itinerant Resource Teacher/Consultant in Montana, Acer Ann's role involves traveling between schools to provide invaluable support to students with disabilities. From assessing individual needs to devising personalized education plans and offering comprehensive resources, her influence extends far beyond the classroom. Collaborating with school staff and parents, she ensures that students are seamlessly integrated into academic and social settings.

Moreover, Acer Ann conducts training sessions to educate school personnel on best practices for accommodating and teaching students with special needs. Her proactive approach and dedication to fostering an inclusive environment have garnered admiration and respect from peers and students alike.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

Benguet Governor Dr. Melchor Daguines Diclas extended his heartfelt congratulations to Acer Ann, praising her exemplary work and role as an inspiration to fellow Benguet residents and Filipinos abroad. In a humble social media post expressing her gratitude, Acer Ann credited the support of education experts who have played a pivotal role in shaping her journey and expanding her horizons.

With a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education specializing in Special Education (BEED-SPED), a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education (MAED-ECED), and a Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education, Acer Ann's academic prowess is matched only by her passion for inclusive education. Prior to her tenure in the US, she devoted five years as a teacher at the Home-Oriented Prime Education Christian Academy (H.O.P.E.) in La Trinidad, Benguet.

Through her remarkable achievements and steadfast commitment to students with disabilities, Acer Ann Pitas-Pilo stands as a shining example of excellence and compassion in the field of Special Education. Her impact reverberates far beyond borders, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those she touches.

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