IMPDA Faces Imminent Shutdown: A Closer Look at the Film Trade Body’s Demise

The Indian Motion Picture Distributors’ Association (IMPDA) is on the brink of shutting down, facing challenges due to dwindling membership and lack of enforcement powers.

The Shocking Reality Behind IMPDA's Shutdown

News of the impending closure of the Indian Motion Picture Distributors’ Association (IMPDA) has rocked the film industry, sparking a wave of disbelief and concern among its members and stakeholders. However, a deeper look into the situation reveals a grim reality that has led to this inevitable decision.

Despite its 84-year history, the IMPDA currently boasts a mere 40-45 members, many of whom have not been actively involved in film distribution for years. Shockingly, none of the managing committee members have released a single film in the past four years, highlighting the lack of engagement and relevance of the association in the current landscape of the industry.

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The Decline of IMPDA: Loss of Powers and Purpose

Balkrishna Shroff, a senior member of the managing committee, lamented the loss of teeth of the IMPDA following a ruling by the Competition Commission of India. The association's inability to enforce its orders on members and the absence of collaborative efforts with other trade bodies have rendered it ineffective and redundant.

Amidst mounting challenges and dwindling relevance, the IMPDA sought guidance from auditors on its future options. The stark reality faced by the association left it with only two choices: merge with a similar organization or initiate the process of winding up and donating its assets to charity.

Asset Value and Charitable Intentions

With assets and cash totaling approximately Rs. 6-7 crore, the IMPDA possesses significant resources that will be liquidated for charitable purposes. The decision to sell its office property in Bombay and donate the entire bank balance to a non-political and non-religious organization reflects the members' commitment to a noble cause.

Furthermore, the association aims to distribute nearly Rs. 92 lakh among its members, remaining from past collections, as a gesture of closure and financial reconciliation. Despite attempts to revive member interest through fee refunds, the IMPDA has struggled to retain engagement and relevance in the evolving film trade landscape.

The Inevitable Shutdown: A Moral Imperative

As the IMPDA prepares for its imminent shutdown, the managing committee underscores the urgency of the decision to prevent potential misuse of its assets. With a steadfast commitment to ensuring the transparent and ethical distribution of funds, the association is determined to uphold its integrity and legacy.

While the general body of the IMPDA will have the final say on the shutdown, indications suggest overwhelming support for the managing committee's decision. As one member aptly stated, the closure of the association is a necessary step to safeguard its resources and prevent any misappropriation in the future.

In the face of changing times and industry dynamics, the IMPDA's journey towards closure reflects the challenges faced by traditional trade bodies in adapting to modern demands and expectations. As the curtain falls on this chapter of the association's history, its legacy of service and commitment to charity will endure as a testament to its enduring values.

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