The Political Biopic Battle: Box Office Showdown

Get ready to dive into the world of political biopics as we explore the box office showdown between these cinematic portrayals of India's political figures.

The Accidental Prime Minister

Let's kick things off with "The Accidental Prime Minister," starring the versatile Anupam Kher as the former PM Manmohan Singh. This film, based on a book of the same name, hit the screens in January 2019. Interestingly, the film's trailer was promoted on the BJP's official handle, sparking allegations of political propaganda from the Congress.

Despite the controversies surrounding its release, "The Accidental Prime Minister" managed to rake in just over ₹21 crore at the box office. It's clear that audiences were intrigued by this behind-the-scenes look at one of India's most enigmatic political figures.

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Next up, we have "Thackeray," a biopic of Shiv Sena founder Balasaheb Thackeray, starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Released in May 2019 and written and produced by party member Sanjay Raut, this film delves into the life and legacy of a polarizing political figure.

Despite facing its fair share of controversies, "Thackeray" managed to pull in around ₹18 crore at the box office. It's fascinating how these political biopics can spark such heated debates and captivate audiences in equal measure.

PM Narendra Modi

Now, let's talk about "PM Narendra Modi," featuring Vivek Oberoi in the titular role. Scheduled for an April release to coincide with the 2019 elections, this film faced a last-minute hurdle when the Election Commission halted its screening, citing concerns about political bias.

After overcoming this obstacle, "PM Narendra Modi" finally hit the screens on May 24. Despite the challenges, the film managed to make approximately ₹11.51 crore, proving that political dramas continue to draw audiences to the theaters.

Main Atal Hoon

Turning our attention to "Main Atal Hoon," a biopic of the late former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, starring Pankaj Tripathi. This film, released in January 2024, offers a glimpse into Vajpayee's life and India's journey post-independence.

With a box office collection of around ₹8.65 crore, "Main Atal Hoon" showcases the enduring appeal of political figures and their impact on the nation's history.

Article 370

On the topic of Article 370, we have a film that tackles this contentious issue head-on. Released in February 2024, this movie garnered praise for its political messaging, with the government endorsing it as a source of accurate information.

Starring Yami Gautam, this film has surpassed expectations, making over ₹106 crore at the box office. It's clear that audiences are hungry for narratives that shed light on key political events.


Lastly, let's delve into "Savarkar," a passion project for actor Randeep Hooda, who not only starred in the film but also co-wrote, directed, and co-produced it. This biopic, released in March 2024, explores the life of the misunderstood freedom fighter Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

Despite facing challenges during production, "Savarkar" managed to pull in around ₹12 crore in its first week. Randeep's dedication to portraying Savarkar's story highlights the enduring interest in India's historical figures.

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As we witness the rise of political biopics in Indian cinema, it's clear that audiences are hungry for stories that delve into the lives and legacies of our nation's most influential figures. Whether it's exploring the intricacies of Article 370 or unraveling the mysteries of historical events, these films offer a unique lens through which to view India's rich political tapestry.

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