The Gremlins Nook: A Fun Collectible for Movie Lovers

A detailed review of the Gremlins book nook, a unique collectible created by Culturefly, Nacelle, and Walmart, perfect for movie enthusiasts and toy collectors.


Toy reviews are usually all about action figures with articulation points and accessories, but today, we're diving into something a bit different. Enter the Gremlins book nook, a unique collectible that's perfect for movie lovers and toy collectors alike. While it may not be your typical toy, it offers a fun and quirky twist on traditional collectibles.

The Rise of Book Nooks

Book nooks have traditionally been hand-crafted pieces sold in art galleries and platforms like Etsy. However, the mass market is slowly catching on to the trend, with more commercially produced options becoming available. While physical media might be on the decline, many people still enjoy displaying their collections on shelves or DVD racks.

The Reader's Guide

These book nooks often feature intricate miniature worlds or scenes, offering a whimsical touch to any shelf or display. While the Gremlins book nook may not be as elaborate as hand-crafted versions, it still adds a fun and playful element to your collection.

The Collaboration Behind the Gremlins Nook

The Gremlins book nook is part of a collaboration between Culturefly, Nacelle, and Walmart, centered around the theme of 'The Movies That Made Us.' This collaboration brings together iconic movie moments in the form of collectibles, including book nooks, 3D sculptures, and Clingers.

One unique feature of the Gremlins book nook is that it comes with a free Fandango at Home rental code inside, allowing you to enjoy a movie night on the house. While not all book nooks may include this bonus, it's a nice touch for fans of the Gremlins franchise.

A Closer Look at the Gremlins Book Nook

The Gremlins book nook features the mischievous Gremlin Stripe emerging from a dark space on your shelf. Made of poly-resin, the figure is stylized in a cartoonish manner, adding a playful element to your collection. The 3D effect is enhanced by Stripe's ears extending beyond the Nook, creating a dynamic look.

While the design of the book nook is visually appealing, it does pose some practical challenges. The extended ears of Stripe may block access to items placed behind the Nook, requiring some creative solutions for display.

Overall, the Gremlins book nook offers a fun and quirky addition to any movie lover's collection. Priced at $19.98, it's an affordable and unique collectible that will spark joy for fans of the Gremlins franchise.


With its playful design and unique concept, the Gremlins book nook is a must-have for collectors and movie enthusiasts. Whether you're a fan of the Gremlins movies or just looking for a fun and quirky addition to your shelf, this collectible offers a delightful twist on traditional toys. So why not add a bit of movie magic to your collection with the Gremlins book nook?

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